Let's Go Surfing Now: Program Description

The rules of the game have changed forever. Just as rudimentary farming skills became obsolete in the Industrial Age, old Rust Belt strategies have lost their potency in today’s Information Economy. Sure, education, hard work, and workplace experience are still important, but they are merely an admission ticket to the game. They no longer guarantee that either you or your company will be successful.

What is needed for 21st Century success? Meta-skills that you weren’t taught in school. These skills are based not on the world we grew up in, but on the world we’re growing into. They are personal, powerful and readily transferable to a wide variety of challenges and environments. They include:

• Thriving on change rather than resisting it.
• Remaining flexible on the face of new economic, social and workplace trends.
• Learning new skills and unlearning old patterns throughout your life.
• Managing your body and mind so that you don’t fall victim to change-related stress.
• Taking swift, appropriate and decisive action.
• Building non-traditional and non-hierarchical relationships.
• Providing service and adding value in every interaction.
• Creating excitement and joy in your work and your life!

New eras require new strategies, new tools and new behaviors. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Now is the time to learn and hone the skills you need to be successful in a changing, post-modern world.

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Other Dynamic Presentations by David Eastman

While Change Surfing is perennially one of my most popular programs, I provide a keynotes, workshops and seminars on a wide variety of personal, professional, and business development topics. These include:

* The Power of Human Connection
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* Authenticity Rocks!
* The Laughing Edge: The Power of Humor at Work

Each year I also create a many programs that are custom-tailored to convention themes or client needs.

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